Monty Alexander, John Clayton and Jeff Hamilton: Mojo

Today is John Clayton’s birthday, and we’re celebrating with one of the bassist’s grooves. Here’s the jazz guru laying it down with Monty Alexander and Jeff Hamilton on the tune “Mojo.”

Clayton’s joy for music is infectious. Make sure to check out his solo at the 3:22 mark.

Happy birthday, Mr. Clayton!

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  1. Louis

    Great stuff. My drummer says he can’t play softer/quieter….mmm seems Jeff is doing just that with dynamics…..

  2. good work. love that woody sound, mr. clayton! this reminds me of growing up with my dad and my uncle. always some real jazz playing with those guys.

  3. David

    Seems like NO AMP for the Bassplayer is still working well for some Bands. Love it.

    • Grant Moulden

      John Clayton never uses a pickup. Somewhere I read that he carries an EV RE20 microphone in his bag and says, ‘Here. This is all you’ll need’. I heard him play when I was at uni in Australia and he has amazing projection.