Focusrite Introduces Scarlett Solo USB Recording Interface

Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Recording Interface

For bassists looking to record, Focusrite has just announced the Scarlett Solo, a USB interface with dual inputs and outputs. The device is a continuation of the Scarlett series and retains the recording capabilities in a smaller package.

The Scarlett Solo has a mic pre and high headroom instrument input for flexibility. Other features include direct latency-free monitoring, 24-bit audio with sample rates up to 96kHz, and a 106dB dynamic range.

The Focusrite Scarlett Solo is available now for $99.99.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Details:

2-in/2-out USB interface
106dB dynamic range, -125dB EIN and -97dB THD
Genuine Focusrite Scarlett mic pre
High headroom instrument input: +14dBu
24-bit audio with sample rates up to 96kHz
Direct latency-free monitoring

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Photos:

For more information:

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  1. Stephen Willcock

    You say it’s available for $99, the first link below has it at $109, the site at that link sells it for $149. Just because I play bass doesn’t mean I’m stupid.
    Gimme some truth, man.

  2. CJ

    How is that for bass players? What’s different?

  3. stephen

    Does it come with recording software?

    • Nick

      Not sure but you can certainly use Reaper. This is what i use and it’s very good and easy for beginners as well as pros alike!

  4. Roman

    Yeah….Can’t recommend this interface…I had the chance to test one Scarlett Solo ….and I got a Scarlett 2i2 by myself since 2 years or so….It’s not significant smaller and the price is almost the same…. there is no reason to say anything like “for bass players” or “good for bass players who record themselfs…” bla…. it’s only another way to make money without any inovation… if you have 99 bucks for this interface, you probably have 150 or so for the 2i2 interface….In my opinion, this in an interface nobody realy needs…and it’s not much smaller then the 2i2…..

    for the one who asked for inluded software. It’s included: Ableton Live Lite Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in-Suite, Loop Master Samples und Novation Bass Station Virtual Instrument.

    Fazit: It’s technicaly alsmost the same as the 2i2. In my opinion not worth it’s money, because there is the scarlett 2i2 in two different version on the market and these interfaces offer you so damn much opportunities, so…..i can recommend to check out the 2i2 and to compare them.

    My person: I’m an allround musician, the most I record Bass, guitar, some vocals and everything I can put through my SM 57 ;) best interface I ever had, and I had a few from 50 to a few 1000 bucks…