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Bill Gould: New Faith No More Album in 2015

Faith No More

It’s been 17 years since Faith No More released an album, but that streak will be broken in April 2015 according to Bill Gould. The bassist, who will also be producing the group’s untitled seventh album, broke the news to Rolling Stone. The release will be on their own imprint, Reclamation Records.

“The name has to do with the fact that we realized we were free from our recording obligations,” Gould explains. “We weren’t touring, we have these songs that we were working on — that we think are pretty cool — and why don’t we just do our own imprint and kind of reclaim our future, in a way? We own the future more than we ever have.”

Gould went on to say Faith No More is pretty far along into the record, describing it as having “a lot of space and scope – big, big sound-stage space.” As to why they’ve taken so long to create something new, he says the band was only officially free form its previous contract several months ago.

“Back in the day, we were a weird band that had to tour a lot. We were constantly fighting to get our label’s attention and to get behind us. We toured a lot, and in some ways, I think we’re a little shell-shocked from that, even still — 17 years later. When we had these songs and we were working on stuff, and we’re trying to be creative and be a real band, there was always this thing over our head like, “Yeah, but are we going to get cut into this meat grinder again?” And there’s just something really freeing about knowing that we can make our own decisions… I can’t imagine doing it any other way right now.”

Faith No More formed in 1981 and made six records before breaking up in 1998 to pursue solo projects. They reformed in 2009 for a reunion tour only to take another hiatus in 2013. They’ve sold over ten million records worldwide.

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Best news in a long time. FNM is an old fave, still at the top of my playlist. can’t wait!