Bass of the Week: Beardly Customs Rainbow Bass

Beardly Customs “Rainbow” Bass body - angleBeardly Customs luthier Rick Link sent us this example of his take on a rainbow style bass, and it looks like he knocked it out of the park. The bass is centered around its body, which has thirty separate pieces of wood to give a rainbow-like effect. Link used rosewood, purpleheart, wenge, flamed maple, redwood burl, blood wood, walnut, cocobolo, and walnut and maple veneers for a fantastic aesthetic.

The bass’s neck is a single piece of curly maple topped with a two-tone cocobolo fretboard. Following the theme of the body, the headstock is made of flamed maple, purpleheart, and wenge with walnut/maple/walnut veneers on its face. Link fitted the instrument with a pair of EMG Hzs wired to a single volume knob, a 3-way switch, and a coil tap switch for the middle pickup. Hardware includes a Kahler 7410 tremolo bridge and Hipshot Ultralite tuners.

Beardly Customs “Rainbow” Bass Photos:

Beardly Customs “Rainbow” Bass Specs:

Construction:Neck Through
Body:Rosewood, Purpleheart, Wenge, Flamed Maple, Redwood Burl, Blood Wood, Walnut, Cocobolo, and Walnut and Maple Veneers
Neck:1 Piece Curly Maple
Fretboard:Two-Toned Cocobolo
Frets:24 EVO Gold
Inlays:Glow in the Dark Side Dots
Pickups:EMG Hz
Electronics:Volume, 3-Way Pickup Selector, Coil Tap for Middle Pickup
Hardware:Black Kahler 7410 Tremolo, Hipshot Ultra Lite Tuning Machines
Finish:Danish Oil and Wax

Make sure to check out the Beardly Customs Facebook page for build photos.

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  1. Makes bass in a highly complicated, expensive way => uses most expensive hardware, buying kahler trems, and hipshot hardware… Then proceeds to put EMG Hz pickups in said bass… just… what?

    • Yeah you’re right on that issue too. The pickups are nothing to write home about. If they wanted to go passive they could have gone with Nordstrand or Bartolini, Also Aero and Haussel make some fine handcrafted passive pickups. Both even have wood covered options to compliment this instrument.

      • yea, the big problem with emg hz is that they’re about as “sterile” as an actual emg without any of the benefits the actives have… it’s like getting the negatives of both types of pickups. Just doesn’t make sense on a bass probably selling for several thousand dollars o.O

      • I put HZs in because those are my go to pickups. I am no fan of putting active anything in any of my personal basses. I put whatever anyone wants in their instrument, since this is mine it got what i like.

        • gene

          Rick always go with what you like! These other guys haven’t realized yet that there own personal preferences aren’t necessarily right for everybody. Not a damn thing wrong with the HZs, they are a high quality pickup, not for everybody, but neither are Barts or Nords (also high quality pickups, just more “in fashion”). It should also be noted that most pickups can be modified to have wood covers, clearly Rick’s personal preference was to not have that done on his bass.

        • Kevin

          I think it’s beautiful.Also I have Hz EMGs on my Spector and it sounds awesome,like a Spector.Also put p&j on my Carvin v440 could be one of the best slap sounds ever.Same set up on my old Pilot and sounds amazing.Emg buckers on my 8 string and Geezer p on my P.EMGs are fine pups.

  2. Beautiful bass, but with that many body laminates, I would have not expected a one piece neck. Since this a custom I’m sure this can be remedied. One piece is the realm of mass produced instruments. Otherwise I think this is a fine instrument.

  3. bvdon

    He was making a cutting board and changed his mind mid project.

  4. zon_player

    looks almost identical to carl thompson bass. why? do they all look like that?

  5. paul Griffiths

    I actually played that exact bass at a guitar and bass expo recently. . A very awesome and amazing instrument. .If you can afford it get one they are well worth the investment

  6. Don’t really like this one. The aesthetics are not balanced well and the black hardware doesn’t complement the overall finish. Who knows, might still be a good sounding bass though. For me the go-to customs are made by either Mayones or Sandberg. Got one Mayo and another one coming up. Superb quality and not too overpriced.

  7. Thomas D. Gilmore

    Dear Sirs/Mams, I just have to tell you that I absolutely love your basses. They are a breath of fresh air and I would love to own one. At least one of these types before I bite the dust. For real… Thanks for the peak and something to dream about. Tom