Abraham Laboriel Sr. and Sons: Quiet Space

Bassist and No Treble reader Stuart Fortune sent in this most excellent clip of Abraham Laboriel, Sr. getting into the music at the 2014 Alumni Reunion Concert at Berklee College of Music. The group includes Laboriel’s sons Abraham Laboriel Jr. on drums and Mateo Laboriel on guitar, as well as Jetro Da Silva on piano.

“[It is a] great track and [it’s] great to see three Laboriel’s playing together,” Fortune shared. “Fantastic piano solo followed by a masterclass in bass soloing from the great Abe Laboriel… Only he could start a solo with beautiful double stops and heartfelt note selection and finish in the exuberant fashion that he does. It has it all!”

Thanks, Stuart!

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  1. chance

    For shear joy in playing bass it is hard to top Abe. He also deserves more attention as a fairly low and stout branch on the bass tree, He has been doing double thumb and three/four finger right hand work for ages and can interpret music with a great deal of humble wisdom.

  2. this is fantastic! out of this world. watching abe play just puts a permanent smile on my face. even mateo looks at him (5:56) and smiles like, “go, dad, go.” i love that thing he does at 6:27. what an amazing musician.

    • A family affair ….poetry in motion . And best to Abe & boys . Abe is a wonderful man and stellar Bassman .CHEERS!!