The Beatles Reissue Vinyl Albums in Painstakingly Created Mono Set

The Beatles in Mono Vinyl Box Set (Limited Edition)

Finding Beatles albums in mono on vinyl is kind of like getting a copy of the original version of Star Wars on VHS — it’s something that allows you to relive a great experience, just the way you remember it.

But, finding both has been extremely difficult for years. Although a CD set of mono mixes of The Beatles’ albums recorded through 1968 came out in 2009, that set was created with digital technology.

Not so with this vinyl reissue of the albums in mono.

This is mono as mono should be — taken from the original tapes, recorded to acetate, and produced on 180-gram vinyl.

The process allows contemporary listeners to hear Beatles albums as they were originally issued, or as close to it as possible, and provides a happy memory for anyone who originally heard the albums in that form, but without all the pops and clicks (and maybe skips) that occur after years and years of play.

The 14-LP boxed set features original album artwork and inserts and a 108-page hardbound book. The set is out now, and all of the albums are also being released individually.

The albums included are:

  1. Please Please Me
  2. With the Beatles
  3. A Hard Day’s Night
  4. Beatles For Sale
  5. Help!
  6. Rubber Soul
  7. Revolver
  8. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  9. Magical Mystery Tour
  10. The Beatles (White Album — 2-LP)
  11. Mono Masters (3-LP)

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  1. So… what’s the story behind the stereo versions?? Where the albums originally produced in stereo but released in mono? And then later on released in stereo? Or where the albums reproduced/remixed in stereo? And by whom?