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Hipster Slayer: In Space

The last time we featured bassist Mats Ödahl, he knocked us out with the video of him playing along to a Charlie Parker solo.

Mats just shared a new video with us, which is quite different and shows the bassist’s diversity.

“I wanted to share a new live-performance video from my Finnish band Hipster Slayer that I’m very proud of. The song is called ‘In Space’.”

Great groove, and oh that tone! Mats shared some insight on that as well:

“I use a Yamaha BB3000 with an added ramp that was printed with a 3D printer. The bass sound comes from using a little overdrive from a Sansamp Bass driver and blending a DI-box with a Shure SM57 on my TC Electronic RH450 combo. I use an EBS Octabass pedal on the breakdown part.”

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Mats Ödahl

Mats Ödahl

Please go and like Hipster Slayer on facebook if you like the video :)

Baptiste Edmond

Baptiste Edmond

Awesome! Kind of new stylish! Need the bass tab :P