Zander Zon: Skrillex “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” Solo Bass Performance

Good news! Zander Zon looks to be well recovered from his recent injury and back to playing his incredible bass arrangements.

This time around, Zander is performing an all-bass cover of “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” by the dubstep group, Skrillex.

“The melody lines were what interested me about the piece,” Zander shares. “I thought it could work well with the contrasting sections. But the ‘bass drop’ was the hardest!”

The technique, like everything else on this performance, is just stunning.

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  1. as usual. beautiful. The Andy McKee of Bassists. Question…… I probably missed it somewhere but when you play live what is your amp setup? Love your perfect amount of reverb for soloing

  2. Sweet cover! (also, Skrillex is only one person)

  3. Nice. Is it me, or is the bottom string out of tune though?

  4. Victor Malásquez Porth

    Nice Ukelele