Bass of the Week: Dahrendorf Guitars Darwin EUB34

Dahrendorf Guitars Darwin EUB34 Bass bridge

Sergey Poedinko of Dahrendorf Guitars sent us the details for this gorgeous electric upright bass, and I knew we had to share it. Dubbed the Darwin EUB34, the bass mixes elements of both electric and upright basses into a minimalist design.

“It has [an] absolutely ‘upright’ sound in its compact body that fits regular bass guitar gigbag,” the Dahrendorf site states. “[Its] 34-inch scale provides comfortable playing in all positions and ability to use any kind of bass guitar strings.”

The bass’s body and neck are a single piece of figured sapele that is shaped for comfort while sitting or standing with the bass on a strap. Its fingerboard and tailpiece are AAA pao ferro finished with Danish Oil.

Dahrendorf fits the Darwin with a large Murata piezo pickup that’s integrated into the bridge. The company says its patented technology “transmits all nuances in pizzicato, arco, or slap playing.”

For more on the Darwin EUB34 bass, check out the Dahrendorf Guitars website.

Dahrendorf Guitars Darwin EUB34 Bass Photos:

Dahrendorf Guitars Darwin EUB34 Bass Specs:

Body:1-piece figured Sapele
Neck:Figured Sapele
Fingerboard:AAA Pao Ferro
Tailpiece:AAA Pao Ferro
Pickup:Built-in 20-mm Murata piezo pickup
Finish:Cherry Danish Oil

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  1. Bob DeRosa

    Too weird for me and very treble-y sounding in the video. They also should have hired a player who knows the intro to “So What” to do the demo. Very unimpressive.

  2. Louis

    gorgeous piece of wood. Just saw the YouTube video, not sure if the audio was off or this bass is not a bass.

  3. Murata piezo?? buzzer’s diaphragms were the chepeast d.i.y choice for cheap acoustic guitars but not for a bass!!

  4. Sergey Poedinko

    Hi guys! Very appreciate for Bass of the Week.

    I know video sucks. The sound on that video was taken from the camera’s mic and my playing sucks I know it:-). Right now we’re filming new video that will show how this instrument can really sounds!

    The pickup is catching a sound very well. It’s cheap but it’s working! I choose this pickups because they are loud and clear and doesn’t need to be amplified with the pre-amp. And it’s not really cheap because I’m buying a giant pack of these pickups and then testing each to find one that will work properly. But even after I’ve choose good pickups I had to throw out three already finished bridges before I was satisfied with the sound. Maybe next time I’ll use a pickup with a brand name on it but I don’t think they really have better sound. Unless you guys won’t worry about it:-)

    So, sorry for crappy video it didn’t the bass justice!

  5. bootoxkicker

    Purty ugly looking….nice craftsmanship though.

  6. None of the photos really give an idea of what it would be like. It LÓÒKS really heavy.

  7. Larry S

    There are a lot of Basses that look great and sound like crap and this is one of them……