Iron Maiden 80’s Albums, Singles Reissued on Vinyl

Iron Maiden, the classic heavy metal band founded by bassist Steve Harris (also the group’s chief songwriter), wants you to experience its 1980s music in the way it was first released — on black vinyl.

Iron Maiden: 80’s Vinyl Reissues

The band has started reissuing its first eight albums on 180-gram black vinyl (it has also previously reissued albums in picture-disc editions), and each black vinyl release will also include a concurrent release of seven associated 7-inch singles on vinyl. For example, the singles connected to the first three albums getting the vinyl re-release treatment are Running Free/Burning Ambition, Sanctuary/Drifter/I’ve Got the Fire (the latter two songs are live versions), Women in Uniform/Invasion, Twilight Zone/Wratchild, Purgatory/Genghis Khan, Run to the Hills/Total Eclipse and Number of the Beast/Remember Tomorrow (Live).

All the albums and singles come in sleeves featuring the original artwork and the first three albums will be available Oct. 21 in a package that includes a box that can hold all eight of the reissued LPs.

The album releases have started with the group’s first three albums: Iron Maiden, Killers and The Number of the Beast. The reissues continue on October 27 with Piece of Mind, Powerslave and Live After Death. Then, on November 24, Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son will appear.

The first batch of 7-inch-singles are available here: Number of the Beast, Running Free, Run to the Hills, Women in Uniform, Purgatory, Sanctuary, and Twilight Zone.

The first three albums are available as a limited edition with a box that will hold all eight albums or on their own: Iron Maiden, Killers, and The Number of the Beast.

The remaining 7 inch singles to be released are, on Oct. 27:

  • Flight Of Icarus b/w I’ve Got The Fire
  • The Trooper b/w Cross-Eyed Mary
  • 2 Minutes To Midnight b/w Rainbow’s Gold
  • Aces High b/w King Of Twilight
  • Running Free (Live) b/w Sanctuary (Live)
  • Run To The Hills (Live) b/w Phantom Of The Opera (Live)

and, on Nov. 24:

  • Wasted Years b/w Reach Out
  • Stranger In A Strange Land b/w That Girl
  • Can I Play With Madness b/w Black Bart Blues
  • The Evil That Men Do b/w Prowler ’88
  • The Clairvoyant b/w The Prisoner (Live)
  • Infinite Dreams (Live) b/w Killers (Live)

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