Vox Unveils amPlug G2 Bass Headphone Amplifier

Vox amPlug G2 Bass Headphone Amp

Vox has upgraded their amPlug line of headphone amplifiers including a bass-specific version. The amPlug G2 Bass plugs into your bass’s output jack and allows you to plug in headphones for silent practicing.

Among the new features, the amPlug G2 Bass has had its analog circuit improved with the company’s Bassilator circuit, which Vox says reproduces the low punch distinctive of a bass amp. It’s also added nine built-in rhythm patterns to practice with while an auxiliary input allows for playing along with a music player.

The device’s plug now rotates 180 degrees to adjust to your bass while also folding up for storage. Its runs on AAA batteries with a battery life of up to 17 hours with the rhythm patterns off. The Vox amPlug G2 Bass will be shipping in November with a street price of $39.99.

Vox amPlug G2 Bass Headphone Amp Specs:

Connections:Headphone Out, AUX In
Power Supply:AAA batteries x 2
Battery Life:Up to 17 hours (with alkaline batteries, RHYTHM off)
Dimensions:(W x D x H): 86 x 80 x 31 mm / 3.39″ x 3.15″ x 1.22″
Weight:40 g / 1.41 oz. (excluding batteries)
Accessories:AAA alkaline Batteries x 2 (For verifying functionality)

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  1. Art Araya

    i had one of these for a couple of years – the older version. great for traveling and needing to practice in a hotel room or guest house.

  2. Mike

    Son of a … I literally just picked up the current version of this sans rhythm patterns and foldable plus. Now it looks like I’m going to have two. Oh well.

    • Enrique

      I had a similar “son of a…” moment with my recently-purchased Gibson SG bass, you know, the one with that not-so-hot 3-point “floating” bridge. NOW the 2015 models will have a
      new Babicz full-contact bridge with the unique saddle adjuster. But I guess I can retro-fit.
      Murphy’s Law often comes into play when we buy things.

  3. Martin

    These are fantastic. I use mine daily for transcription work. Will be buying this as soon as it’s available. Great price point.