Eve Guitars Announces IONA Bass

Eve Guitars IONA Bass

Eve Guitars has expanded their instrument lineup with the IONA, a handmade bass fitted with the company’s Eve Jazz + Humbucker pickup configuration. Luthier Douglas Mullen says the bass spent lots of time in the development phase.

“We’ve spent a significant amount of time getting this instrument right,” he shares. “We had a great starting point originally from the Elite, then the ProBass, so the platform was well established and the level of quality had to be very high. We have been very fortunate to have had great feedback from customers and interested parties alike from trade shows and retail, so we simply had to collate this information into one unique design with its own character and sound. I think we might just have achieved that.”

The IONA is built with an ash body with contours for comfort as well as balance in sitting and standing positions. Its pickups are matched with a 2-band active EQ that can be bypassed via the push/pull volume knob. The bridge humbucker can be used in serial or parallel modes in both active and passive operations.

The EVE Guitars IONA is hand made in the United Kingdom. It will be available soon as a 4-string for approximately $1,565 USD with plans for a 5-string in the near future.

Eve Guitars IONA Bass Photos:

Eve Guitars IONA Bass Details:

Pickups:Eve Jazz + Humbucker
Electronics:Active/Passive 2-band EQ, Series/Parallel Humbucker Operation
Nut:ABM Fully Adjustable Nut

For more information:
Eve Guitars

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  1. Mike Matthews

    I wish they would have included the weight & maybe a dollar amount? It looks pretty nice though.

  2. Looks very nice! I’d like to know what scale this is.

  3. Mike Watkins

    I like the look of this! :D

  4. “The bridge humbucker can be used in serial or parallel modes in both active and passive operations.” This is actually not true. The bridge humbucker can be used in series or parallel, but not active/passive. The neck Jazz pickup can be used in active/passive modes (no series or parallel). I’ve been working out details with Douglas and am very excited to be ordering mine tomorrow. He’s building me a 32″ scale IONA, to be shipped to California when built. Please email Douglas for more information about the IONA or his other fine instruments.: [email protected].

    • Douglas explained that the article is in fact correct.
      Douglas explains: “The first volume is for the Jazz neck pickup, but also doubles as an active & passive control for both pickups. The second volume control is push/pull for the bridge soapbar between series & parralel mode in both active and passive – best of both worlds!. The Jazz volume acts as an EQ bypass so the whole bass can be enabled as a flat passive with both pickups (and series modes on the soapbar).”
      Fantastic news for me and all others getting an Eve IONA bass!!!!