Nenad Vasilic: Vranjanka

Bassist Nenad Vasilic has a new album out this month called The Art of Balkan Bass, and this preview track has been stuck in my head for a week. “Vranjanka” is a traditional Balkan folk song that Vasilic tackles by himself with his upright.

He perpetuates the groove with some perfectly laid ghost notes and light string slapping. Check out the strings as he plays.

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  1. Nola

    Impressive! Great feel and groove.

  2. d phillips

    Fantastic groove. Couldn’t of stopped the head bob and foot tap if I tried.

  3. Mass_Hysterika

    Love it ! I discovered your link yesterday and decided to tab the first part of this great “Vranjanka”, so here are the .pdf and .gp5 files :

    Not sure if it’s accurate so let me know !