Tal Wilkenfeld: Chelsea Hotel

We think – as do many readers here – that Tal Wilkenfeld is a killer bassist.

Now she’s proving she can sing, too.

Wilkenfeld recently launched her own YouTube channel with a solo version of the Leonard Cohen classic “Chelsea Hotel,” taken from a November 9th concert at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

She digs deep to deliver an intimate and reverent performance that would make Cohen proud.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    She reminds me a bit of Joni Mitchell. Nice voice + cool chords = good stuff.

  2. Mark G.

    Get this musician an acoustic guitar ;~)

    Dang good though!

  3. She’s a great bassist, and has a very nice voice too. Mic position could be adjusted, though. A dense and moving performance, anyway.

  4. Peter

    Damn, When it rains (talent) it pours.
    I am rediscovering Ms. Wilkenfeld. It is a humbling visit.

  5. Rodney Spiers

    She is simply amazing!

  6. Charming. Inspiring. Another bassist changing perceptions of what can be done. Thank you.

  7. Dave Sanders

    With a capo. How about that.

  8. Mike Brown

    she should do some Carly Simon because their voices sound so similar.

  9. Henry

    I’m completely blown by that performance! So less notes and so much expression! Gorgeous!

  10. all hairs standig up… speechless..

  11. Good at what she does…savory voice….gives Cohen’s song a different edge..but I would prefer this on accoustic…the notes started to run into each other …taking away from the essesnce of her voice and the song itself….but good work from Tal.

  12. Great performance. I just wonder who had the odd idea to set up the mic so that she has to lookup to make herself heard.

  13. Keith

    Great Bass player! Her voice is little to be desired!