Janek Gwizdala: “Day Tripper” Solo Bass Arrangement

Last year, the No Treble crew got the chance to check out and visit with all the great bassists at Gerald Veasley’s Bass Boot Camp. One of the evenings included a Beatles tribute concert with each of the guest artists putting their own spin on the Fab Four’s work. While all of them were spectacular, Janek Gwizdala’s solo version of “Day Tripper” absolutely blew me away.

Here’s a clip of the bassist playing his arrangement at the Aguilar Artist Loft from August 2014. Gwizdala uses some interesting reharmonization and a looping pedal to flesh out the song, which he then tops with a beautiful solo.

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Leave a Reply to John Cancel reply

  1. Interesting and beautifully arranged take on the classic.

  2. Mike Matthews

    That was a killer version/take on the original. I haven’t heard enough of Janek’s bass playing yet… and since it’s raining out might as well hit up Janek on youtube for a bit. Thanks NT.

  3. Hani

    ..gotta admit it, I don’t understand this.. :|

  4. enrique

    Tasteful use of the looper! Sounds like an EADGC 5-string setup.

  5. Lovely playing Janek! Love that reharm… works so well with the melody. Totally unique take.

  6. Kev Smit

    Hmmm, that was nice, but it sounded like a James bond theme song, not Day Tripper. What is my problem? haha