Rebecca Johnson Band: Come On, Come Over

Long time No Treble readers will likely remember bassist Rebecca Johnson, who has wowed us all over the years with her videos.

Rebecca sent me one of her latest with her band performing “Come On, Come Over”, written by Jaco Pastorius and Bob Herzog (with vocals by Sam & Dave on Jaco’s 1976 debut album).

Not only does Rebecca lay down that funky bass line, she also handles the vocals. She says that playing and singing it made it “slightly different” than the original, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it is terrific.

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  1. James Ramsey

    Wow ! This girl has some mad skills : ) JP would be proud….

  2. Jason MacNeil

    This is smoking’

  3. Mike Matthews

    Just kicking on the groove. Nieece!

  4. This is so cool!

  5. pbass wil

    Yeah, fantastic independence of vocal and bassline, and terrific feel.

    What kind of a bass is that? Yamaha?
    P-bass-ish butt; Jazz bass horn; humbuckers… a modern take on a classic sound.

  6. Allan Lewis

    Awesome feel

  7. SIZZLE ! Hot groove, Rebecca :)

  8. Anthony

    That is great playing by the whole band because the original was done with a rhythm and horn section.

  9. paul wrigley

    Think it is a Yam RBX375. Great combination of good vocals and band, great bass playing AND a bowling green. Made my morning

  10. Thanks a lot for the good vibes. My bass is a Yamaha BBG5a. Cheers

    • Carlos

      Wow just wow Rebecca and to top it all you have exactly the Yamaha I like, colour and all.

      Groove on!!!

  11. As I Bass Player/Singer I feel thoroughly OUTDONE! Absolutely brilliant, flawless control of the line and your voice throughout DAY-UM! iloveitiloveitiloveiloveitiloveit! :D

  12. vicious great playin vocals great looks

  13. This made my morning! Really enjoying this!

  14. eddie

    great work rebecca

  15. Gene Gene the Bass Machine

    Way Cool!!

  16. manonbass13

    WHOA !

  17. Very Smooth guys.

  18. Joey van Beugen

    Holy shit!! This is great

  19. Roger olivarez

    Awesome bass playing and good voice. Great skills.