ZÜE Engineering Introduces the On Timer Pedalboard Clock

ZÜE Engineering On Timer Pedalboard ClockTime management on the bandstand can be crucial, and ZÜE Engineering is addressed that issue with the On Timer Pedalboard Clock, a pedal designed to help musicians manage their performance time.

The device features two LED displays to keep track of your sets. The top is a 12-hour clock to display the current time, while the second is a timer that can be toggled between countdown, finish time, or stopwatch modes. A Warning Time function gives you a heads up when your are nearing the end of your countdown.

The ZÜE Engineering On Timer is housed in a powder coated diecast aluminum housing and has two soft-touch footswitches for controlling the timer. It runs on either a standard 9-volt power supply or 9-volt battery. It’s available now for $89.95.

ZÜE Engineering On Timer Pedalboard Clock Demo:

ZÜE Engineering On Timer Pedalboard Clock Features:

Two-stage LED displays
Powder coated diecast aluminum housing
Three timer functions: Countdown, Finish Time, Stopwatch
Warning Time Function
Power: 9V Adapter or 9V Battery

For more information:
ZÜE Engineering

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  1. Jon Sparrow

    Congratulations. It’s a clock.

  2. ZUE : Zery Uzelez Elementz

  3. Jon Coates

    Now if only there was a pedal that would ensure that all band members will show up on time for the gig…

  4. Frank Haagmans

    No band can gig without it!