ZÜE Engineering Releases The 9V Backpack Power Adapter

ZÜE Engineering 9V Backpack Power AdapterWhen ZÜE Engineering used a 9-volt center negative plug to battery adapter to demonstrate their On TIMER pedal, they didn’t realize they had already created their next product. The 9V Backpack external power adapter plugs into your pedal’s power supply input and connects to a 9-volt battery.

The device comes in two styles: The Right Angle 9V Backpack and the Straight 9V Backpack. Both utilize a 9-volt battery, but the right angle version includes a clip attached to the battery plug to secure the battery in place. The plugs have a center negative polarity compatible with most effects, while the first two inches from the barrel plug are triple insulated with rigid shielding.

The ZÜE Engineering 9V Backpack is available now in three pack sets for $24.99.

For more information:
ZÜE Engineering

ZÜE Engineering 9V Backpack Power Adapter Details:

5.5x2.1mm Center Negative Tip
9V Battery Connection
Metal Battery Clip (Right Angle Version)
Industrial Grade Adhesive
Triple Reinforced Stiff Outer Shielding

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  1. Dezz

    $24.99 seems very overpriced for 3 of these things, It would be far more practical to just install a new battery in the stomp box, especially when it is important to remove a dead battery, Or you could easily make one out of scrap parts.

    • Jonathan

      Sine (particularly European) pedal brands do not allow for battery powered use, due to environmental concerns, making This product quite useful if you ate in a situation that does not allow for plugged power.

  2. I’ve been gigging and doing session work for over 30 years. This is a deceptively simple and yet useful bit of tech that has saved me frustration and time a couple of times in as many weeks. I’m surprised that someone hadn’t come up with and marketed this device decades ago. $24.95 for three may seem steep, but not everyone has the time or the soldering chops to make a reliable version of one of these. This is one piece that, if used on your pedal board, is most likely serving as a backup to solve some sort of failure scenario. The last thing that one wants is for this to fail too. The potentially weakest points of this are the solder joints and the strain relief. If one has the skill to do those up right, then knock yourself out. As for my part, even though I have confidence in my solder and strain relief chops, I’d prefer to purchase more of these as I recognize the importance of supporting companies that design, manufacture and offer quality devices and solutions that facilitate my ability to share music with others.