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Bob Marley with Aston “Family Man” Barrett: Alternate “Real Situation” Take

Bob Marley was one of the largest musical successes of the 20th century, but that legacy would not have been the same without bassist Aston “Family Man” Barrett. Barrett, who was and still is the Wailers’ bandleader, is credited with writing much of the musical content and arrangements from that iconic music.

The Wailers recently posted an alternate take of “Real Situation” from the 1980 album Uprising to their Facebook page with some interesting information. While the track isn’t exactly isolated bass, it’s certainly bass up front.

“The Wailers song “Real Situation” was recorded 35 years ago, during this time period, December-January 1979-1980,” they shared. “Here is an alternative take of this song which is a very bass-heavy version, Family Man shining here. This recording is apparently part of a collection belonging to the great Carlos Santana.”