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Akiko Yano with Anthony Jackson: Water Ways Flow Backward Again

Anthony Jackson is an absolute master of the bass. Besides creating some of the most memorable bass lines ever, he has deeply explored harmony and timbre on the instrument.

Here’s a jaw-dropping performance of “Water Ways Flow Backward Again” with pianist Akiko Yano and drummer Cliff Almond from 1999 that proves the depth of his understanding. Yano and Jackson kick things off with a playful melody and arrangement before the bassist takes the stage over for a nearly six minute exploration of his contrabass. Check out how he performs bass, melody and accompaniment all at once through a complex set of chord changes, but more importantly, check out how he makes it music.

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I’ve been a fan of Anthony Jackson’s work since the O’Jays songs “money money money” & “give the people what they want.” Then he played on Ashford & Simpson’s Send It album, then Michael Camilo and so on. After watching that performance, all I gotta say is “DAMN!” Jaw dropping indeed!

Trey Smith

had the pleasure of seeing him at Jazz Alley in Seattle with Hiromi, and Steve Smith. Jaw dropping is the only way to describe the night. Brilliant, heart stopping, musical, virtuosity, also come to mind.

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Intelligent… Anthony is truly one of the masters on bass. He’s just amazing!

Michael Hamer

Anthony never ceases to amaze me! He is truly a master of the instrument! His technique is flawless and he combines it with amazing musicality. Thanks for sharing!