Project RnL with Or Lubianiker: Twisted Truth

I’ve run into bassist Or Lubianiker a few times during the NAMM Show and Bass Bash. He’s always been one of our favorite bass players around here, now he’s one of our favorite humans.

Or just shared the latest from Project RnL – an ambitious band with a ton of talent.

This is “Twisted Truth”, which takes many forms throughout the song, but is held together brilliantly by Or’s bass anchoring it. The intro is pretty epic too.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    These guys make me laugh… for the most part in a good way. They are SICK musicians! The bassist and drummer are superb. Some killer unison lines through out the tune. Awesome!

  2. Holy Crap! That was ridiculous! Amazing. The vocals!

  3. asbestosbob

    Some great sounds, interesting vocals and display of musicianship. Reminded me only slightly of Yes. Loved it.