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Marco Morandi: Integral’s “Realm Of Atlantis” Playthrough

We featured the SiC Instruments Madness 6-string fretless as a bass of the week in December, and it was a fan favorite. Luthier Simon Calabrese followed up by sending us this video of Integral’s Marco Morandi using the bass to play through their song “Realm of Atlantis.”

The song is straight tech metal, but takes a breather at the 4:24 mark for a bass feature. Morandi employs a three-finger plucking technique and keeps the bass singing all along.

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

That bass is SIC! (love it) Not a big fan of fretless on this genre of music; but brotha Marco does a great job. I dig this one a bunch. At about 1;45, and again at 4:40 (ish) Marco is kill’n it. Very impressive. Kudos Mang \m/



Sigh. Whatever happened to pure demos?
I understand the usefulness of hearing an instrument in context, but with the frantic double-bass drums and drop-tuned guitars, how am I supposed to get a feel for this?
Just a two, maybe three minute clean demo is all we really need. Show us what the knobs do. We can fill in the blanks ourselves. This video (in a vacuum) illustrates nothing, outside one, barky tone.