Ibanez Adds Fanned Fret SR Models to Bass Workshop Series

One of the many new basses at Ibanez’s booth this year was the SRFF, a fanned-fret version of their flagship SR bass. Available in five and six-string models, the bass features a multi-scale setup to optimize the tonal performance of each string.

Ibanez SRFF805 5-string Bass

“The goal of the fanned-fret system is to even the tension of each string,” Ibanez explains in a press release. “Equalized tension helps to create a more ‘alive,’ open tone. On the SRFF805/806, the scale length is 34″ on the highest pitch string side, expanding to 35.5 at the low B. The slant of the fanned-frets ergonomically coordinate with the way a players hand angles as it moves up and down the neck, facilitating quick, comfortable playing action. The result is better tone, expanded harmonic complexity and improved playability across all five strings.”

Ibanez SRFF806 6-string Bass

The SRFF805 and 806 are each built with an ash body and 5-piece jatoba/bubinga neck topped with a rosewood fretboard. They are built at the company’s Premium Production Facility and as such are given a premium fret edge treatment. Ibanez fits the models with Bartolini BH1 pickups and a 3-band EQ complete with a bypass switch and mid-frequency switch.

The Ibanez SRFF805 and SRFF806 are expected to ship in April with street prices of $999 and $1,049.

Ibanez Bass Workshop SRFF Series Bass Specs:

Strings:5 or 6
Neck:5-piece Jatoba/Bubinga
Position Markers:Acrylic Custom Fanned Inlays
Frets:24 w/Premium Fret Edge Treatment
Fret Size:Medium
Bridge:Mono-Rail V
Pickups:Bartolini BH-1
Electronics:3-band EQ with Bypass Switch, Mid-Frequency Switch
Finish:Black Stain

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  1. Wayne Renardson

    As usual the manufacturer fail to give the weight of their instrument, as if it does not matter.

    • it’s an SR series, it’s gonna be light. If you can go through the shops stock to find one with a specially light piece of body wood i think you’d be approaching the lowest weight categories for non hollowbody instruments, guessing 7.5-8 pounds or there around.

    • I agree. I can’t manage a bass that weighs more than 9.5lb, and ideally I prefer below 9lb. Many 5 strings are heavier than that and I don’t like having to take a trip to try out a bass knowing that if the weight is wrong I would not have travelled in the first place.

    • howlin


      Nut width. String spacing. Weight. Neck radius. Scale length.

      In these days of internet purchasing those are the essentials that I look for.

  2. Josh Billard

    The 806 goes to 33.6″ on the high C. Just the 805 stops at 34″

  3. kico

    I always thought that this would be a Dingwal-exclusive… Good to see a major manufacturer picked it up… For me this shows they also recognize the potential of this development.

  4. Mike Matthews

    Nice to see Ibanez offering a fan fretted instrument. Look forward to checking one of these bad boys out.

  5. Is there much of a learning curve moving to famed fret basses? They look like they’d feel odd to begin with, and result in lots of bad notes.

  6. What a miss… I was very interested in this bass until I saw the scale length. The purpose of fanned frets is to have a longer scale in a playable size instrument, 35.5” on the bass side is laughable when you can rather easily get and play on a 35” parallel fret bass.