Isley Brothers’ Landmark Album, “3+3” Gets Vinyl Reissue

Isley Brothers: 3+3The Isley Brothers album 3+3 may have been the group’s 11th, but it marked a turning point for the family band. And now, the record is getting some vinyl love with a reissue on 180-gram translucent blue vinyl via Friday Music.

The title refers to bassist Marvin Isley, guitarist Ernie Isley, and keyboardist Chris Jasper officially joining the group established by Marvin and Ernie’s older brothers Ronald, Rudolph and O’Kelly Isley Jr., although they had appeared on other Isley recordings.

The 1973 album shows off the amazing, funky style of the late, great Marvin (he passed away in 2010) and revealed a band willing to put its own stamp on not only R&B and soul, but rock, too. The originals are stellar, including “That Lady, Pts. 1 & 2” and the covers, inspired.

The Isleys’ version of Seals & Crofts’ “Summer Breeze,” as performed on “Soul Train” is a treat:

The combination of players and songs worked brilliantly, and 3+3 became the Isleys’ first platinum album.

The vinyl reissue of 3+3 is out now.

3+3 Track List:

  1. That Lady, Pts. 1 & 2
  2. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  3. If You Were There
  4. You Walk Your Way
  5. Listen to the Music
  6. What It Comes Down To
  7. Sunshine (Go Away Today)
  8. Summer Breeze
  9. The Highways of My Life

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  1. Petey

    That album was and still is a “classic” in itself. I never knew what 3+3 meant until I read up on it. Marvin, Ernie, & Chris were the young Isleys verses Ronald, O’Kelly, & Rudolph. Boy, what a combination that was! It showcases Ernie’s fire burning guitar solos, Marvin’s cool collected bass playing, laying it down; and Chris’s amazing keyboard work. (I understand he studied @ Julliard) Marvin was always the cool bass player, just keeping it simple but grooving. He can get slap funky too. Get a copy of Isley-Jasper-Isley and listen to high heel syndrome, and summer breeze the live version. Marvin passed away in 2010. He was definitely miss by us philly bass players. He help made some great music over the years. RIP, Marvin.

  2. yeah. i agree with petey. this is a serious classic isley release. marvin was simple, yet he kept the groove running like a steady engine. even though he was simple, he was distinct. haven’t heard another bass player like him. and on the “treble” side, i have to give props to ernie. he and brother marvin were a great combo. notice the heavy hendrix influence ernie had? a lot of people don’t know that jimi played and toured with the original 3, and stayed with them for a time. so ernie had jimi up close and personal. check it: there has been no band or artist that ever sounded like the isleys. never will be.

  3. Anthony

    3+3 is a historic album, but my favorite is “Go for Your Guns,” from 1977.

    • Petey

      Yeah Anthony, that was a great album. They had so many great albums, but the ones that stands out as my favorites are “winners takes all.” “Go all the way,” and “Showdown.” I even like “Eternal,” even though it was just Ronald & Ernie, but the production by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Ralpheal Saddiq was great. Ernie just cut it up on that album.? I saw them on Unity Day (philly) 7 years ago, and Ernie just burned up the stage. He took that solo on “summer breeze” and made it a heatwave! Incredible!?