Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in February 2015

We discovered so much new gear at this year’s Winter NAMM show that February was filled with news from the show. (We’re still covering it too).

But only 10 gear stories can make the monthly roundup list – and here is your top 10 for the month of February.

Ashdown Announces Desktop B-Social Bass Amp

1. Ashdown Desktop B-Social Bass Amp

Ashdown Engineering took the opportunity at NAMM to unveil the B-Social, a desktop bass amp that’s loaded with innovative features. The 75-watt stereo amp is boasted as the first desktop amp system for bass guitarists with Bluetooth connectivity that allows the bass to connect wirelessly via an optional transmitter…

Ibanez Adds Fanned Fret SR Models to Bass Workshop Series

2. Ibanez Bass Workshop Series Fanned Fret SR Models

One of the many new basses at Ibanez’s booth this year was the SRFF, a fanned-fret version of their flagship SR bass. Available in five and six-string models, the bass features a multi-scale setup to optimize the tonal performance of each string…

Ibanez Unveils 40th Anniversary 2609B Black Eagle Bass

3. Ibanez 40th Anniversary 2609B Black Eagle Bass

Ibanez has announced they will reissue the famed 2609B, also known as the Black Eagle bass. Admitting they are not apt to reissue many instruments, the company says the limited edition run marks the 40th anniversary of the classic model…

Fodera Introduces Monarch 4 and Emperor 5 Standard Classic Basses

4. Fodera Monarch 4 and Emperor 5 Standard Classic Basses

Fodera went old school at NAMM this year by introducing the Standard Classics line, including the Monarch 4 and Emperor 5 Standard Classics. The new models retain the qualities of Fodera’s Standard series models while taking on a classic aesthetic…

Rickenbacker Introduces 4003S and 4003SW Basses

5. Rickenbacker 4003S and 4003SW Basses

Rickenbacker launched a pair of new takes on their classic 4003 bass this year with the 4003S and 4003SW. The new models take the current 4003 and 4003W basses and give them a vintage aesthetic made popular by the ’60s 4001S bass…

Ernie Ball Announces Music Man Neck Through Basses

6. Ernie Ball Music Man Neck Through Basses

Ernie Ball’s booth at NAMM this year was buzzing with a new neck-through version of their flagship StingRay Bass. Available in four and five-string versions, the StingRay Neck Through is built with a 3-piece maple neck the runs the entire length of its ash body…

Ibanez Announces Talman Bass Series

7. Ibanez Talman Bass Series

Ibanez is taking a page out of the old school with their new Talman Bass Series, consisting of the TMB300 and TMB100. The basses, which feature a retro aesthetic, share many of the same features with the 300 having an edge in features…

Boss Announces BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal

8. Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal

Boss has introduced the BB-1X Bass Driver, a compact pedal that employs the company’s MDP technology to offer sounds ranging from natural clean tone to a heavy distortion. Beyond a drive pedal, the BB-1X has EQ controls and a 1/4-inch line output to add preamp and DI functionality…

Warwick Introduces Stu Hamm Signature Bass

9. Warwick Stu Hamm Signature Bass

Warwick introduced a new signature bass for Stuart Hamm during the NAMM Show this year. The new model is based on the company’s Streamer with extended contouring and a deeper cutaway for improved access to the higher register…

Ritter Instruments Unveils Okon Concept at NAMM 2015

10. Ritter Instruments Okon Concept Bass

Boutique bass builder Jens Ritter unveiled a new bass at the NAMM Show this year called the Okon Concept. The new model matches the luthier’s distinctive Okon body shape with his BA Tuning System, which mounts the tuners on the back of the bass’s body…

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