DR Strings Introduces Pure Blues Bass Strings

DR Strings Pure Blues Bass StringsDR Strings has introduced a new set of bass strings called Pure Blues. The strings utilize a Quantum-Nickel wrap, which the company describes as combining the best characteristics of steel with a nickel feel.

“Pure Blues bass strings combine a fat, warm punch with an edge especially designed for the modern bassist,” DR writes. “Pure Blues strings provide more output, more power, and more top end clank than traditional nickel wrapped bass strings.”

Pure Blues are hand wound on round cores and come in four, five, and six-string sets. The four-string sets come in Light, Medium Light, Medium, and Heavy Gauges, while the five and six-string sets are available in Medium.

DR Strings Pure Blues Bass Strings are shipping this month with street prices ranging from $24.95 to $35.95.

DR Strings Pure Blues Strings Details:

Quantum-Nickel Wrap
4, 5, 6-string Sets
Light, Medium Light, Medium, and Heavy Guages

For more information:
DR Strings

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  1. Robert Cochran

    Are they flats or round wound, it doesn’t say. I play bass in a blues band and prefer flat wound. I currently use DR Flat Wound strings.

    • It say’s that they’re wound on a round core, so they must be rounds. Flats use a hex core, no?

      • Jerry H.

        No, I’ve seen both roundwound and flatwound with hex cores and both kinds with round cores as well. Round cores give a brighter tone and more defined top end, while hex cores give a deeper tone and a twangy top end.

    • Aaron

      These are round wound strings.

  2. Jonathan

    Quantum nickel are you kidding me? Honestly are you trying to market strings in a childrens book universe? There is nothing called quantum nickel… Please.