Bass of the Week: Adamovic Basses SuperNova 5

Adamovic Basses recently posted a set of photos on their Facebook page that made me want to look up some more. The bass was SuperNova 5 featuring a one-piece African padouk top, and it’s our bass of the week.

Adamovic Basses SuperNova 5 Bass

The SuperNova one of the company’s first models and features a three-dimensional hand-carved body. While the Netherlands-based company builds the model to order, this particular bass was fleshed out with a padouk theme including a solomon padouk body and a neck made of African padouk, solomon padouk, and wenge. The colorful African hardwood is accented with a dark Macassar ebony fingerboard.

It’s loaded with a pair of Adamovic’s own Bassbar pickups matched to a Noll preamp. Finally, the bass is fitted with a Hipshot tremolo bridge.

For more, check out the Adamovic Basses website.

Adamovic SuperNova 5 Bass Photos:

Adamovic SuperNova 5 Bass Specs:

Body:Solomon Padouk
Top:One-Piece Carved African Padouk
Neck:African Padouk, Solomon Padouk, Wenge
Fingerboard:Macassar Ebony
Pickups:Adamovic Bassbars
Bridge:Hipshot Tremolo

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  1. O my this is one beautiful bass, sure wish I could play it for a while.

  2. Kirk Bolas

    I’m not one for “custom” basses. There either too far out there or too expensive or both. This one is different. I find it aesthetically pleasing and I would love to hear it. With the current exchange rate of the Euro, this beauty’s base price is about three grand. For an instrument of this caliber, that’s a pretty good price, providing it has the tonal goodies and playability. I’ve seen some “custom” basses that are extremely fancy J-Basses that cost twice this. No thanks. This one has me intrigued.

    • Kirk,
      I had no idea this bass would cost that much, it comes to a point to where how much is too much for a bass guitar that makes the same sound as one costing $600 American dollars, what I paid for a brand new Fender Jazz Bass , made in Mexico . Don’t let the Made is Mexico fool you, I’ve heard people say that any Fender made in Mexico is junk but that’s just not true, it has all the same parts as the made in America J. bass, but the people making it get paid half the income people in America get paid. That’s all the difference same parts ,same wood.


      • I wasn’t aware that you could get a hand carved Mexican Fender made from African Padouk with Macassar ebony. I was even less aware that vastly different woods would result in exactly the same sound as a Jazz bass. I don’t own an Adamovic but I do have a high quality Marleaux Consat Custom (about $4250). I guess my ears are lying to me when the Marleaux sounds very different from the other basses I own.

        • Pablo I never said my new bass was made of African Padouk or Macassar ebony , I said its the same wood as the American made Fender, Alder and sounds good for the price I paid.
          Some of us don’t have 5 thousand to spend on a bass so we settle for what we can afford.
          It sounds good enough to me when played loud.

          Have a nice day, hope your bass plays well .