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Adamovic Unveils the Katana Concept Bass

Adamovic Basses has unveiled the latest in their Concept line of instruments with The Katana bass. The company has been developing it for several years, which advanced thanks to a collaboration with Moto Fukushima.


Adamovic Unveils Soul Bass

Adamovic has expanded its lineup of bass models with a new concept called Soul. Built in The Netherlands, the new bass is a blend of old and new.

Bass of the Week

Bass of the Week: Adamovic Private Collection King Solomon Bass

Adamovic has some of the most incredible basses, so it’s no wonder their Private Collection has some of the most incredible basses ever built. This week we’re checking out their King Solomon that started the series. “With the first private collection bass we wanted to use one of our favorite woods: Solomon padouk,” Adamovic explains. “We chose some beautiful beeswing...

Bass of the Week

Bass of the Week: Adamovic Basses SuperNova 5

Adamovic Basses recently posted a set of photos on their Facebook page that made me want to look up some more. The bass was SuperNova 5 featuring a one-piece African padouk top, and it’s our bass of the week. The SuperNova one of the company’s first models and features a three-dimensional hand-carved body. While the Netherlands-based company builds the model...