Jesús Rico Pérez: “I Left America” Michael Manring Cover

This is not the first time we’ve featured a video of bassist Jesús Rico Pérez performing a cover of a Michael Manring tune… and I’m betting it won’t be the last.

This is Jesús’ performance of “I Left America”, which appeared on Manring’s album, Soliloquy.

BTW, the first time we shared one of Jesús’ covers, we asked Michael himself for his thoughts. He was impressed.

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  1. Jesús Rico

    Thank you very much to No treble for sharing my video again, I’m really honored =D

  2. Mike Matthews

    Excellent job on covering Mr. Manring’s tune. I dig!

  3. As usual, some very nice bass work ,Jesus…Bass on my friend !

  4. Nice tune and great techniques. It’s good to see your videos in here.

  5. Kitsapbass

    Excellent job! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  6. David Hogeboom

    Really (really) enjoyed this. Have also enjoyed your work on the Scars album. Thank you for sharing.