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Aguilar Introduces AG 4M/J-HC and AG 5M/J-HC Bass Pickup Sets

Aguilar Amplification AG 5M/J-HC Pickups

Aguilar Amplification is bringing two of their bass pickup models together to create the AG 4M/J-HC and AG 5M/J-HC pickup sets. Calibrated together, the sets include one of the company’s 4M or 5M humbuckers in the bridge position and their AG 4J-HC or 5J-HC in the neck position.

The company explains the 4M and 5M humbuckers are wired in parallel to give a classic tone. Both are built with 42-gauge Formvar wire and alnico V magnets. The J-HC pickups are a Jazz-style pickup the cancel any 60-cycle hum. They features a split-coil design with alnico V magnets and 42-gauge Formvar wire on the 4J-HC and 43-gauge Polyester/Nylon wire for the 5J-HC.

The Aguilar AG 4M/J-HC and AG 5M/J-HC pickup sets are wound in the company’s factory in New York City. They are available now with street prices of $199 and $224, respectively.

Aguilar AG 4M/J-HC & AG 5M/J-HC Pickup Features:

Made in NYC
Wire: 42 gauge heavy Formvar wire (43-gauge Polyester/Nylon wire for the 5J-HC)
Magnets: Alnico V

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