Artisan Bass Works Announces Fidelity Bass Series

Artisan Bass Works Fidelity Bass

Artisan Bass Works has introduced the Fidelity Series of basses, which they describe as the pinnacle of five years of development and testing. Featuring their ANSIR angled neck technology, the Fidelity series is available in several configurations with the main version being the Fidelity Maple.

The Fidelity Maple comes with a figured maple bookmatched top and walnut stringer over a 3-piece alder body. Its neck is roasted maple matched with an ebony fretboard. Each Fidelity bass includes a pair of Seymour Duncan Jazz SJB pickups and an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp. Artisan says the combination provides for “deep lows, articulate midrange, and sweet treble response.”

The Artisan Bass Works Fidelity Bass is available in four or five-string versions with direct prices starting at $1,999.

Artisan Bass Works Fidelity Bass Photos:

Artisan Bass Works Fidelity Bass Specs:

Neck:Roasted Maple
Frets:21 fret 4 string; 22 fret 5 string
Nut:Black Graph-Tech TUSQ XL
Width at Nut:1.5″
Pickups:Seymour Duncan Stack for Jazz SJB-5 pickups
Electronics:Aguilar OBP-3, 3 band preamp wired at 18v
Bridge:KSM Foundation Aircraft Aluminum
Other Hardware:Dunlop strap lock system/dual purpose buttons
Case:Protec Deluxe gig bag included
Made In:USA

For more information:
Artisan Bass Works

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  1. WOW that’s one fine looking banjo .

    • Kevin you got to stop torturing me like this, I want this bass.

      • Sorryman

        come on, mark, this bass body is ugly.

        • sorryman it looks sturdy to me, what I don’t like is too long of the bass flare strap ends.

        • Wow! What a dumbass! WHAAAAAA!!! It’s UGLY!! Have you tried one? Do you have ANY clue what the bass is like? Jacvkasses like you are what make the music business a real pain in the ass for everyone else. Moron!

  2. Miles Dziak

    I currently own 2 Artisan Basses. 1 custom build and 1 of their classic series. I can honestly say these are two of the most amazing basses I’ve ever owned, and believe me, at one point I had over twenty basses in my studio! These bases have it all; comfort, playability and tone for days!! Oh yah my next purchase is their new Fidelity model…

  3. Body shape/style is totally subjective in traditional instruments. However, ABW are pretty cool folks and will build you whatever you want. Artisan Bass Works uses an angled neck technology and has to harmonize new design elements that traditional instrument builders do not. They are the angled neck set into the body and the ergonomic blend of the mechanical attributes. This design challenge results in instruments that we have not seen before. With all due respect, one should keep an open mind and look into the angled neck technology to fully appreciate what is being presented here. I played this bass and it sounded incredomazing! The feel and balance was quite comfortable and the bass did not move or dive on the strap and maintained the exact same playing position when played seated…hence the pronounced upper and lower body features. Currently have an ABW passive Classic 4 J-Bass and an active Classic 5.

    • One only has to look at the solidity of this bass having the three dimensions of length, breadth, and depth to see its well balanced.
      I can see its more than just another bass. Most people have closed minds and want to see the same old anatomy on every bass.
      I want this bass as it is in the picture more than any bass so far I’ve seen on ‘No Treble’.