Richard Bona and MonoNeon: Engingilaye

One of the best parts about social media is the spread of great art and inspiration. Bassist Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas has a knack for harnessing that inspiration into new creations by taking existing videos and adding his own bass line to them to put a new spin or idea on the original.

Here’s a great clip he took of Richard Bona playing on “Engingilaye” on vocals and acoustic guitar. “I came across this Richard Bona video when I was leaving a rehearsal at Paisley Park, I immediately got back to my hotel room and started adding bass to it,” MonoNeon told us.

While the bass was added to the video apart from Bona, it almost looks like he is smiling at MonoNeon’s playful bass line.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    This is pretty cool. MonoNeon has some cool lines going on behind Richard Bona’s melodic vocals. Actually, everything about Mr. Bona is melodic. Hats off to MonoNeon!

  2. My question is, what was his rehearsal at Paisley Park…??