Jason Raso is the “Man of 40 Faces”

Jason Raso: Man of 40 FacesBassist/composer Jason Raso has explored the groove where funk and jazz meet for more than two decades.

He continues in that vein on Man of 40 Faces, the Canadian’s latest album of 11 new compositions. Bassist Alain Caron joins him to duet, and trombonist Wycliffe Gordon and vibraphone player Francesco Pinetti also appear on the album.

The groove is ever-present, as you can hear in this live preview of some of the album’s music:

Man of 40 Faces is available on CD and as a digital download (Jason’s website and iTunes.

Man of 40 Faces Track List:

  1. Suite Smell of Success: Man of 40 Faces
  2. Suite Smell of Success: Spinning Forth
  3. Suite Smell of Success: That Tropical Island Mood
  4. Suite Smell of Success: Eyes of Broadway
  5. White Russian Waltz — featuring Francesco Pinetti
  6. Blues for Rocco — featuring Alain Caron
  7. Good Luck, and Good Luck
  8. Stone Cold Liberation — featuring Wycliffe Gordon
  9. Eye of Reflection
  10. Juxtapose
  11. Tragic Figures

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  1. Kim Eakin

    If you haven’t given a listen to Man of 40 Faces yet, then you are missing out! This is one impressive CD. Amazing tones and incredibly “clean” playing. It is a must have for anyones CD collection. Bass lover or not.