Doug Wimbish and Victor Wooten: Bass Duet (NAMM 2015)

The Behringer booth at this year’s NAMM show was crammed with people for this impromptu performance by Doug Wimbish and Victor Wooten.

Thankfully, they filmed it.

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  1. Nice bass grooves ,does anyone know what type bass Victor is playing , seems he stays with that particular bass more than others.
    Doug is playing a Spector bass and I like that bridge he has ,but I cant see the emblem on Victors bass. My bridge is not locked in and I can easily move my strings by pushing on one side of the E or D string , is this bad or what ,or does it not matter, its a new standard Fender J. bass. By the way I have harmonics down all in one day, I was applying too much pressure.
    Under Pressure

  2. love both of these bassists. both are fantastic in this vid. but wimbish has gotta be from another galaxy with that stuff he’s doing. stellar.

  3. I saw Doug Wimbish at the Bass Boot Camp this year! He is definitely a master with regard to getting unbelievable sounds out of a bass guitar. I sat there with my mouth opened, along with all of the students and the instructors for the entire master class! This video was just a small example of what Doug can do! He’s amazing! Victor ain’t no slouch either!

  4. Pete Ludwig

    I just wish they were hyping better amps, if Bugera thinks they’re doing themselves any favors making these two’s tone so meh I beg to differ. Luckily they’re both such monster players it doesn’t throw them off too much.