Reader Spotlight: Lynne Davis

Lynne DavisMeet Lynne Davis, a musician who started young in her musical journey, and turned her focus to bass thanks to Pino Palladino’s work with Paul Young.

Lynne has enjoyed a busy and fruitful career as a bassist and educator. She also says “crikey!” For most of those reasons, she was an easy choice for this week’s spotlight.


I have been studying music as long as I can remember, beginning with piano lessons at age 7. My studies led me to Vienna, Austria where I attended school and worked as a rehearsal pianist with the corps de ballet at the Vienna Opera. After hearing Pino Palladino’s beautiful work on Paul Young’s “Come Back and Stay” I purchased a bass guitar and began playing immediately in bands around the Philadelphia area, and was named “Best Bassist” in a local readers poll in 1985, just three years after I began playing the instrument.

I pursued my bass education with several wonderful teachers, including Dave Larue, Gerald Veasley and upon moving to Los Angeles, with the legendary Carol Kaye. Throughout my playing career, I have been actively teaching music and have worked with over 700 private students. In addition, I enjoyed a 14-year tenure as a member of the staff of the Los Angeles Music Academy, and also was honored to become an adjunct professor at the USC Thornton School of Music. I also enjoy doing clinics and teaching at various camps around the U.S. every year. I enjoyed a short stint as the “Music Theory Dominatrix” writing a music theory column for Bass Guitar Magazine in 2008. My first audio-enhanced eBook, “Bassic Basslines” was published in 2013, and my second book, “Mastering the Two Five One Progression” was released in 2014. My third book, “Mastering Piano Accompaniments” will be released this year.

In 2015 I launched a new website at, where I provide free resources for students and teachers of music, as well as offering my carefully crafted educational materials for sale. I still teach piano every day on the piano my father gifted me with on my Sweet 16th birthday, and consider it a privilege to share my knowledge and love of music with my students every day!


Austin, TX

Day gig:

See above. ;-)

Years experience:

29 years! Crikey!

Bands & Gigs:

I am regularly gigging here in Austin, Texas which truly does live up to it’s reputation as the Live Music Capitol of the World. In 2014 I played over 100 local gigs with 10 different artists, including a stint in the pit at the Zach Scott theater here in Austin. I enjoy playing all styles of music, and being a reader certainly helps get gigs!


  • Spector NS-2 bass guitars
  • Fender QMT Jazz Bass
  • Fender 1975 Jazz Bass
  • Epifani 502 amplifier and 3×10 cabinet
  • Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.0

Why I play the bass:

Pino Palladino, and it was as close to playing the drums as I thought I could get!

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I was labeled the “Groove Goddess” by Bass Guitar Magazine columnist Ed Friedland in a 1999 feature about me in Bass Player Magazine.

My influences

Pino, John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee, Marcus Miller, Keith Ferguson.

More on the web:

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  1. I should have also mentioned Duck Dunn and the great Gerald Johnson as BIG influences on my bass journey, too! Thanks Corey and No Treble, you guys rock!

  2. Inez Woods

    As a current guitar, bass & children’s music teacher for Music L.A. I am reminded daily of the influence Lynne Davis has had on my teaching style & methods. She introduced me to Dalcroze & Victor Wooten, for which I am forever grateful. I alternately & affectionately refer to Lynne Davis the Princess of Pedagogy…Groove Maven…Beautiful Blonde Badass…just to name a few. From Jazz to R&B, Blues Shuffle to Beethoven…Lynne Davis is the Real Deal!!! Inez Woods

  3. I have had the pleasure of working with and traveling with Lynne Davis! There are no words to describe what she and her bass add to the groove of what ever pocket you are in. She is no doubt a trained highly skilled artist but can also but ” the stink on it” so beware you always know the ” SEXY BASS GODESS” is there.

  4. Nice spotlight on a musician and educator.Lynne Davis sounds like the type of musician,teacher,and model that makes a difference in many special ways….BASS ON!