Bassic Basslines: A Guide to Building Basslines Using Common Chord Progressions

Bassic Basslines: A Guide to Building Basslines Using Common Chord ProgressionsBassist Lynne Davis has published her first instructional ebook, Bassic Basslines: A Guide to Building Basslines Using Common Chord Progressions. Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch platforms, the book is designed to give students lessons on basic music theory and bass technique to apply them to a variety of musical situations.

The 75-page book includes examples written in both standard notation and tablature as well as 63 audio tracks to jam along to.

Davis has taught at the Los Angeles Music Academy and the University of South Carolina. She’s also been a contributing member to Bass Player and Bass Guitar magazine.

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  1. So if you don’t own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you’re just out of luck?

  2. ” Books can only be viewed using iBooks on an iPad, iPhone (3G or later), or iPod touch (2nd generation or later)” So looks like you want to sell this book only for i-people! W.T.F!

  3. Hey guys, ease up. Patience is a virtue. I’m in the publishing business, and I am beta-testing software used to make e-books. Making a good e-book isn’t easy. Crappy ones are a different story. If the market for this on iTunes is big enough then, you might expect it to move to other platforms. But, iBooks is where the first $$ return to pay for its development will come from.

  4. Why this discrimination of non-apple users?

  5. Hey guys, thanks for your comments here. I would gladly offer the book in other formats, such as for Kindle and other eReaders, but the challenge is that most of them don’t support the imbedded audio aspect of this book. I see it as an advantage having the audio right there on the page along with the musical examples, but I am currently looking into ways to offer the book either in a print or.pdf version.

  6. You could sell a.pdf version and the tracks as.mp3, with links in the.pdf to the.mp3’s. zip it all up and sell as a digital download : ).

  7. :( This is the sort of thing I have been looking for but I refuse to do apple anything. I own a nook and an android.