Stuart Hamm Releases “The Book of Lies”

Stuart Hamm: The Book of LiesStuart Hamm, a bassist known for his bass instruction, as well as his work with virtuoso guitarists like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, has released an instrumental record, The Book of Lies.

The album features not only a seven-piece suite for solo bass, but also four songs featuring a full band. Other players on the record include John Mader, Chester Thompson, Jason Harrison Smith, Carl Verheyen, Lorn Leber, Mitchell Forman, Phil Naish, Karl Theobald, and Anna Kristina.

As you would expect, the title track is a bass-heavy affair.

The Book of Lies is available at CDBaby and iTunes.

The Book of Lies Track List:

  1. The Book of Lies
  2. Back to Shabalalla
  3. Etude #1
  4. Open Note Aria
  5. Chordally Yours
  6. Harmoni-Cali
  7. Te Extraño
  8. Slap Happy
  9. Just a Blues
  10. Practicality
  11. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Cool bass line… I’ve never heard him use horns before which is way cool.