Snarky Puppy & Metropole Orkest: The Curtain

I’m not sure there’s a more exciting band out there today than Snarky Puppy.

The band has just released their new album, Sylva, along with Metropole Orkest.

Here they are performing “The Curtain” from that album, with bassist and band leader Michael League playing both electric bass and Moog keybass on the tune. And does anyone have more (or better) bass faces than Michael?


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  1. Mike Matthews

    Very interesting piece of music… I gravitate towards heavier grooves/tunes; but these cats are just so good at what they do. I DIG!!!

  2. Really great stuff in there!

  3. Surround sound ! Really cool orchestration. The parts were worked out well .

  4. “I’m not sure there’s a more exciting band out there today than Snarky Puppy.” Agreed, Corey. I got speechless watching this and you said it for me.

  5. Here’s another excellent piece of work by Snarky Puppy, augmented by the Metropole Orkest! It has got to be one of the best musical collectives (I use that terminology as opposed to calling them a “group” or a “band”) on the scene today. I never seem to get tired of listening to them. They’re very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  6. John Williams Jr.

    Being a musician for over forty years it is awesome to know that music is in great hands with
    musicians as gifted as these young men and the Robert Glasphers ect.of the world. They are keeping alive the the exploration and true art of being musicians with no boundaries.

  7. Steevo


  8. Joh Thisdell

    We saw them last year here in Roanoke (where they recorded Family Dinner in 2013) and have tickets to see them again this month. What is really cool is how they work with young musicians. Their upcoming show is part of the Summer Jazz Camp at the Music Lab here in Roanoke.

  9. John Thisdell

    There is something about these I guys I can’t quite put my finger on. Not “smooth’ but easy to listen to but also complex at the same time, if that makes any sense.

    My wife does not like Jazz or anything with dissonance or syncopation. But she like them a lot. She insists they are not jazz so I don’t argue the point.