Ibanez Introduces ANB1006 Adam Nitti Signature Bass

After years of development, Ibanez has unveiled the ANB1006 Adam Nitti Signature Bass. The instrument, which Nitti helped to design, is hand-built by Ibanez’s Japanese master builders.

Ibanez ANB1006 Adam Nitti Signature Bass

“For me, this instrument represents the ideal balance of tone, playability, ergonomics, and extended range,” Nitti writes. “I love the wider 18mm string spacing and greater access to the highest frets; both features unique among the [Ibanez] Soundgear line of basses. Tonally, it’s surprisingly versatile thanks to a specific placement of its two Bartolini pickups coupled with a custom preamp.”

The bass features neck-thru construction centered around a five-piece maple and purpleheart neck. Its swamp ash body is topped with figured maple and finished in a deep blue color. The fretboard is also purpleheart, holding 24 frets and abalone oval inlays.

Electronics include a pair of Bartolini xxM56C pickups that feature a quad coil design. The preamp is a Bartolini NTMB+F ANB Custom that offers a three-band EQ and a switchable mid-frequency. A mini-switch toggles the mid control between 250Hz, 500Hz, and 800Hz. Finally, the bass is fitted with a Hipshot A Style bridge.

The Ibanez ANB1006 Adam Nitti Signature Bass is available for order with a street price of $6,999.99.

Ibanez ANB1006 Adam Nitti Signature Bass Specs:

Body:Swamp Ash
Top:Figured Maple
Neck:ANB 5-piece Maple/Purpleheart
Fretboard Inlays:Abalone Oval
Frets:24 Medium with Prestige Fret Edge Treatment
Pickups:Bartolini xxM56C
Electronics:Bartolini NTMB+F ANB Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/Mid frequency
Bridge:Hipshot A Style
Hardware Color:Black
Case:Hardshell Case Included

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  1. Anthony

    I’ve heard there will be a $2K version coming. I would try that version out.

  2. For 7 grand, the thing better play itself…well. Come on, get real, this is some mass produced CNC stuff here, figured maple on swamp ash with Bartolinis doesn’t deserve a $7.000 price tag!

    • Anthony

      At that price, it will not be massed produced.

      • I understand what you mean. I’m sure they don’t want to have too much inventory of that model on the balance sheet. But not even taking consideration of the level of craftsmanship compared to boutique builders, my main point is that I really don’t think the price is justified. For example, Carvin’s sole remaining signature model, The Brian Bromberg signature 6 string model and similarly configuring it (I had go with a flame maple fingerboard, and Bartolini electronics are not available, but almost everything else including the Hipshot bridge is the same), the price topped out at $1,889.00, and 90 of that is for a hard shell case. $1799 vs $6999? Really?

        Mr. Kiesel, you really ought to put me on the payroll as often as I’ve recommended your product on various forums (just kidding), or at the very least take my suggestion of offering your Fender replacement bass neck with a 21 fret option.

        • Sorry, the Bromberg is not available in a 6 string model, so I speced out LB76 with a swamp ash body and flame top with a blue finish, 5 piece maple and purpleheart neck, etc. Guess what? It came out to $1,819.00, even less, and again 90 bucks is for the case.

        • DaveB

          You seemed to have missed an important fact. the second sentence of the article reads:

          “The instrument, which Nitti helped to design, is hand-built by Ibanez’s Japanese master builders.”

          Carvin guitars/basses are not hand built. They are fabricated on CNC machines and then hand assembled and finished. I have a Carvin B25 (Bromberg signature 5-string) which cost around $1700. It’s a great bass and I really love it, as well as the other two Carvin basses that I own (PB5 and AC40), but you can’t equate the cost of these basses with a bass that is totally hand crafted. If Jeff Kiesel hand built a bass for you it would cost at least as much.

          Also, there is now a Kiesel branded Roy Vogt Signature Bass.

  3. $7 stacks for that bass??? Really??? Lol. I have a Peavey Cirrus 6 string bass. Its called the poor mans Ken Smith bass for a reason. When I got my Cirrus I had a chance to compare it to a $5k K.S. bass. The similarities were striking! Very very little difference! K.S. basses are the best basses in the game!! Name a company that has different rooms that ages their woods from 8,12,16, even 20 yrs!!! I’ll pay $8 grand on a 6 string Quilted Tigers Eye K.S.
    John Patitucci used to play them in the 80s. He only went to Yamaha because of an endorsement deal.