Double Album Completes Consider the Source’s “World War Trio”

Consider the Source: World War Trio (Parts 2 & 3)It’s not often you encounter sci-fi Middle Eastern fusion music, but when you do, it’s probably being played by Consider the Source.

The band has released parts two and three of its crowdfunded World War Trio as a double album that clocks in at more than two hours long. (Part One of the trio was released in October 2014.) The double album from the instrumental trio that features John Ferrara on bass includes four acoustic songs, one of which is “Brother Nature”:

The trio blends progressive rock, metal and more on the record. Just check out Ferrara’s work on the “A Monument to Compromise (Faux Clarinet)” play-along:

World War Trio (Parts 2 & 3) is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

World War Trio (Parts 2 & 3) Track List:

  1. Aquarians
  2. Many Words of Disapproval
  3. This Dubious Honor
  4. One Hundred Thousand Fools
  5. Up to, But Not to Exceed…Whoa
  6. You Are Obsolete
  7. Absence of a Prominent Tooth (Intro)
  8. Absence of a Prominent Tooth
  9. Brother Nature
  10. 40% Gentleman, 60% Scholar
  11. Monument to Compromise (Faux Clarinet)
  12. Ninjanuity
  13. So Say We All I
  14. So Say We All II
  15. So Say We All III
  16. More Than You’ll Ever Know
  17. I’ll Fight for the Imp
  18. White People Problems
  19. Tsim Sha Tsui
  20. You Are Disappearing

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  1. truly creative and inspirational music

  2. Sandor

    @ Pete

    Agreed, incredible musicianship and originality.