Unusual Version of David Lee Roth’s Debut Solo Album Reissued

David Lee Roth: Sonrisa Salvaje (Reissue)Did you miss the Spanish version of David Lee Roth’s Eat ’Em and Smile album back in in 1986? Or you didn’t know it existed at all?

Don’t worry. Most people don’t know about it. But now, the album, titled Sonrisa Salvaje, is available again on CD, and this time, it’s the remastered version.

The Spanish-language album featured all the backing tracks used for Eat ’Em and Smile — laid down by Dave’s band at the time, which included Billy Sheehan on bass and Steve Vai on guitar — but with Spanish translations of English lyrics, according to allmusic.com.

Prior to this remastered edition released as part of the David Lee Roth/Friday Music Original Master Series, the album was last available on CD and as a download in 2007.

If you haven’t yet heard the Spanish version of Diamond Dave, check out “Loco Del Calor,” otherwise known as “Goin’ Crazy”:

Sonrisa Salvaje is available on CD.

Sonrisa Salvaje Track List:

  1. Yankee Rose
  2. Tímido
  3. Soy Fácil
  4. Noche de Ronda en La Ciudad
  5. Loco del Calor!
  6. La Calle del Tabaco
  7. Arma de Caza Mayor
  8. En Busca de Pleito
  9. Cuánto Frenesí
  10. Así Es La Vida

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  1. Mike Matthews

    This is a crack up in just so many ways. I loved this album when it came out though. Billy was the man!!!

  2. Anthony

    Billy Sheehan showed out on this album!

  3. Doc.Hoc.

    I just don’t know what say about this other than this music was great back then. Someone needs to tell Diamond Dave he can no longer sing now days.
    Thing is there are lots of things I can no longer do , no big deal.
    I adjust and play more bass guitar instead.