Ryan Madora’s Band Releases Debut Album

The InterludesNo Treble columnist Ryan Madora has released her debut album with her Nashville-based instrumental trio, The Interludes.

The self-titled album melds the feel and groove of bands like Booker T. & the MG’s with the exploratory qualities of groups like Medeski, Martin and Wood.

The trio, featuring Billy Nobel on keyboards, and Lynn Williams on drums and percussion, recorded the album by playing together, in one room at a studio in Pegram, Tennessee.

“We’re influenced by the great rhythm sections of Stax, Motown, and Muscle Shoals. Those players naturally clicked with one another—they sat together in the studio, jammed, and created incredible music. We figured that’d be a great way to make this record,” Madora said. The group also worked on the record with producer Fred Mollin (Johnny Mathis, Jimmy Webb, Kris Kristofferson).

Madora brings her own blues-based background to the mix with some interesting playing. Check her out on slide bass on the track “Grease On Our Hands”:

The Interludes is available on CD and digital download at CD Baby.

The Interludes Track List:

  1. Prelude
  2. D’funked (feat. Billy Nobel)
  3. Postlude
  4. The Lizard
  5. Grease On Our Hands (feat. Ryan Madora)
  6. Seven Point Two
  7. That’s the One (feat. Lynn Williams)
  8. Spring Ahead

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Wasn’t sure what to expect; but this was not what I thought it would be… I am however pleasantly surprised though. Walked away for a coffee refill just a humm’n that melody. Very catchy…, good stuff…, I DIG ! Time for another refill. (bum ba bum bum ba da bum… )

  2. Congrats on the release of the album. I jumped at the chance to download in FLAC so I could feel every vibration of every note. Well done, Interludes !!

  3. Jose Gutierrez

    Good luck, Mrs. Madora.

  4. Congrats Ryan, and the other “Interlude” band members! I’m echoing Jeff Watson’s comment. Well done!

  5. Very cool! Haven’t heard good slide bass playing since Morphine back in the day. Great tone and feel, Ryan!
    Great lock in that bass line, too. I see why Nashville received you with open arms. That’s how it’s done!

  6. Very cool. I hear a lot of potential influencing elements here. I get a bit of Pink Floyd (Sheep), which the slide (Morphine ? The band, i mean… :) ) interjects a very cool and different vibe to. Maybe a hint of Alanah Miles “Black Velvet’, which by all rights is a straight blues riff. But together, AND introducing the slide, creates something far more interesting. This is TIGHT. nice job. And it shows that you don’t need those OTHER stringed instrument players (‘guitar’ guys) tee hee.

  7. mojobass

    Can’t say enough about this ….I have not heard any artist or band mention STAX , Motown,and Muscle Shoals in the same sentence. For a while now, I thought I was the only one !!! LOVE IT,and the bass slide work is impeccable .Way to go, Ryan Madora ?? Kudos to Lynn Williams and Biilly Noble , as well . BASS ON !!

  8. Doc.Hoc.

    This was great, different and I like it.