Tensor Bass Introduces 4-String Model

Tensor Rockit Bass - 4-stringAfter introducing the 5-string Tensor Bass at the Winter NAMM show this year, Tensor Inc. will be unveiling the 4-string version of their bass at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tennessee. The bass’s design centers around the company’s Force Balance system that replaces a conventional truss rod.

“The Force Balance system utilizes the string tension to generate the appropriate counter tension on the neck,” a press release states. “The adjustment system uses constant force compression springs which are not susceptible to the variations found in the conventional truss rod adjustment mechanism. Since the counter tension is directly proportional to the string tension the two forces balance each other under a wide range of varying conditions. The Force Balance system has an adjustment feature which introduces a small positive or negative force to the system to allow for precise adjustment of neck bow to accommodate the players preference.”

Each Tensor bass features a neck-through design with hard-rock maple construction. They are fitted with Lace Alumitone pickups, Hipshot tuners, and a Hipshot A-style bridge. Several models with varying color finishes and pickguards are available.

The Tensor 4-string Bass is available for order now with a direct price of $2,495.

Tensor Bass Specs:

Body:Hard Maple
Neck:Hard Maple
Fretboard:Hard Maple
Pickups:Lace Alumitone
Bridge:Hipshot A-Style
Finishes:Graham, Rebel, Sedona, Retro, Martini, Rockit, Metro, Inspiration
Weight:Approximately 7.8 lbs

For more information:
Tensor Music

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  1. If it didn’t come with the crappiest bass pickups outside of the hell that is Danelectro… Then this would be interesting.

  2. Sean

    To quote a great man, this sounds like a load of bullpuckey.