Performance by Jazz Legend Oscar Pettiford Released 57 Years After the Show

Oscar Pettiford Quartet: We Get the MessageNewly unearthed modern jazz recordings from a Nov. 14, 1958 Hamburg, Germany performance by Oscar Pettiford Quartet have been released on the collection, We Get the Message.

Pettiford, a highly influential double bassist/cellist, was known for saying that the center of his work was “to pass on the message.” Sadly, he was able to do so for only so long in life, as that he died in 1960 at the age of 37.

The quartet featured on We Get the Message includes Pettiford on bass and cello, tenor saxophonist Hans Koller guitarist Attila Zoller, and drummer Kenny Clarke. Guest artists also appeared as part of the performance.

The CD package for the recordings features photos from the Hamburg performance, as well as liner notes.

You can hear samples of the record:

We Get the Message is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download.

We Get the Message Track List:

  1. Cohn’s Limit
  2. Yardbird Suite
  3. Dark Glow
  4. Gertberg Walk
  5. Stalag 414
  6. Love Nest
  7. Ghost Of A Chance
  8. Willi Der Bar

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