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Set Released Covering Last Years of Jazz Great Oscar Pettiford’s Career

Oscar Pettiford: The Classic Albums 1953-1960Much of the work of late bebop pioneer Oscar Pettiford is now available in one package: The Classic Albums 1953-1960.

The five disc set includes recordings made after the jazz double bassist began using the cello in earnest as his secondary instrument following an arm injury. The late Pettiford, who was a composer and bandleader as well, is known for his work with a wide variety of jazz legends, including Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Woody Herman, Art Tatum and more.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pettiford, who died in 1960, check out his quartet’s 1959 recording of his “Blues in the Closet”:

The Classic Albums 1953-1960 is available on CD and as a digital download.

The Classic Albums 1953-1960 Track List:

Disc 1:

  1. The Pendulum At Falcon’s Lair
  2. Tamalpais Love Song
  3. Jack, The Fieldstalker
  4. Stockholm Sweetnin’
  5. Low And Behold
  6. Sextette
  7. The Golden Touch
  8. Cable Car
  9. Trictotism
  10. Edge Of Love
  11. Rides Again
  12. Another One
  13. Minor Seventh Heaven
  14. Stardust
  15. Bohemia After Dark
  16. Oscalypso
  17. Scorpio
  18. Titoro
  19. Don’T Squawk
  20. Kamman’s A’ Comin’

Disc 2:

  1. The Pendulum At Falcon’s Lair
  2. The Gentle Art Of Love
  3. Not So Sleepy
  4. Speculation
  5. Smoke Signal
  6. Nica’s Tempo
  7. Deep Passion
  8. Sunrise-Sunset
  9. Perdido
  10. Two French Fries
  11. Jack The Bear
  12. Tamalpais
  13. Swingin’ ‘Til The Girls Come Home
  14. Mood Indigo
  15. Chuckles
  16. Time On My Hands

Disc 3:

  1. Bo-Bi My Boy
  2. Op Meets Lt
  3. Tricrotism
  4. Old Reliable
  5. Translation
  6. Tom-Kattin
  7. A Lady’s Vanity
  8. Dancing Sunbeam
  9. Mister Man
  10. The Plain But The Simple Truth
  11. Little Tenderfoot
  12. Once There Was
  13. N R #1
  14. N R #2
  15. Good Luck
  16. The Plain But The Simple Truth

Disc 4:

  1. Now See How You Are
  2. Laura
  3. Aw! Come On
  4. I Remember Clifford
  5. Somewhere
  6. Seabreeze
  7. Little Niles
  8. Shaw ‘Nuff
  9. Blues In The Closet
  10. Willow Weep For Me
  11. John’s Abbey
  12. Salt Peanuts
  13. All The Things You Are
  14. Just You, Just Me
  15. Yesterdays
  16. Stuffy

Disc 5:

  1. Cohn’s Limit
  2. Stalag 414
  3. The Gentle Art Of Love
  4. Oscar’s Blues
  5. Stardust
  6. Montmartre Blues
  7. Laverne Walk
  8. Two Little Pearls
  9. Blue Brothers
  10. Why Not That’s What!
  11. There Will Never Be Another You
  12. My Little Cello

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