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Groove – Episode #8: Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson

If we’re going to refer to the late/great John Entwistle as “The Ox,” we should probably start referring to Steve Lawson as “The Octopus.” When you listen to his music (and yes, this is music… not just someone playing the bass), it seems unreasonable that what comes out of his instrument is the work of two hands on a bass guitar. It seems, somewhat, cheap to even think of him as a bass solo artist. Lawson truly does make music with his electric bass.

An unabashed admirer of Michael Manring – in terms of influencing how he perceives the bass guitar – Lawson creates musical tapestries that will have all fans of the bass questioning if the sounds he’s making are actually coming from a bass guitar (they are). His influences are varied. You can catch him on YouTube covering Lionel Richie’s famed classic, “Hello”, or see him wearing a Cannibal Corpse t-shirt in a photo shoot. He’s as comfortable composing something with a new age flair, as he is pounding out a rock groove. With that, he’s an academic, thinker, writer, composer and creative firehose. Enjoy the conversation…

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