Bass Lick Series: A7?9 Chord Bass Groove with Legato Fill

The A7?9 chord (referred to by some as the “Jimi Hendrix” chord) is a useful chord to know since you can play both the minor and Major pentatonic over it.

Here’s a groove using mostly a minor pentatonic fill in the end, with lots slides, hammerons and pullofs so we get a fluid motion.

For the gear heads, I’m playing a 1975 Fender Jazz Bass with Dunlop Nickel strings (gauge 45-105).

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  1. Always inspired by this fellow on the bass!

  2. Charles

    At the beginning of the video it writes b9 instead of #9

  3. Thomas you are true Bass-man and instructor of the highest caliber, always able to follow your videos. I thank you….

  4. Another great MarloweDK vid; thanks.

  5. Man that bass has some mean tone! Nothing like a Fender!

  6. Mark S B.

    That sounded pretty good Thomas , now I need get it under my fingers.
    1975 Fender Jazz Bass is nice , same year I gradeated high school , barely.