Steps Ahead: Darryl Jones Bass Solo, Live in Japan

Years before he landed the gig with The Rolling Stones, Darryl Jones was blowing people’s minds in the jazz and fusion scenes with the likes of Miles Davis and Steps Ahead.

Here’s a killer clip of Jones taking the audience on a ride with Steps Ahead, live in Japan on their 1986 concert. Jones builds the five-minute solo by starting with a funky groove before diving deeper into more complex harmonies and rhythms. He kicks on a fuzz pedal halfway through for good measure.

The solo is only a section of the 90 minute performance, so check out some of the rest of the clip for his ensemble playing prowess.

Thanks to Jan Sekulski for the suggestion.

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Note: the solo starts at the 51 minute, 12 second mark:

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  1. mojobass

    Steps Ahead… Indeed! This band was one of the best rock-jazz fusion bands anywhere.Some great players and, of course,DJ just steps out ??

  2. Grucek

    looks like Jan Sekulski knows nothing bout bass