Rotosound Launches New Instrument Care Products

Rotosound Instrument Care ProductsRotosound has expanded their lineup of guitar and bass care products with a new guitar polish, a string lube, and a lemon oil. Each product can be used on both guitar and bass.

The guitar polish is formulated to clean instruments of fingerprints, streaking, dust and grime. Rotosound says the polish continues to work after application and preventing dust build up. The string cleaner lube is a silicone based lubricant that aids friction reductions while prolonging string life and tone brightness. Finally, the lemon oil is a natural cleaner and conditioner aimed at removing dirt and build up from the fretboard. It also combats drying and cracking of the wood.

Rotosound’s GP4 Guitar Polish will be available with a street price around $10 while the SC2 String Cleaner Lube and LO2 Lemon Oil will go for around $9.50.

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