Rotosound Announces Single String Availability

Rotosound Ultramag Bass StringsRotosound is now offering bassists the ability to purchase single strings from their whole string lineup including the Ultramag bass set. The move allows for more flexibility in choosing your strings in addition to not needing to buy a whole set for one broken string.

“Guitarists and bassists can now select individual strings from all of the historic music company’s sets in the same way that they have been able to with their popular Roto nickel coated guitar strings and Swing Bass 66; the original roundwound bass string,” the company writes. “Musicians who enjoy experimenting with custom gauges and altered tunings can now benefit from a wider range of materials and tonal options to fit their style.”

The single strings will be available soon from dealers. All Rotosound strings are sold in air-tight packaging, including the singles.

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